Raj Kriya & Traional Yoga School

Yoga is being aware of your deepest essence, feeling it’s like in others – and knowing that all of existence is made of that same essence.

Yoga Acharya Raj Pandey

About Kriya Yoga School

Our kriya Yoga School is founded by Raj Pandey. KYS caters to the needs of everyone and is considerate that every person has different competencies and their own understanding. This includes components of yoga beyond asanas. KYS provides authentic traditional yoga teachers training of Hatha, Kriya, Kundalini, Naadi, Acupressure, Bhakti Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Our Kriya yoga school is situated in Adelaide and is an international home for all to enjoy and experience the most complete lifestyle — an extraordinary blend of the ancient spirituality of India and modern science.

Kriya Yoga is a relatively quick and easy non-sectarian path to reach the higher states of consciousness and change your life by developing the mind, body, intellect, and awareness of the soul. Based on the science of breath, it provides a very powerful technique of meditation that greatly enhances all spiritual practice.

Kriya Yoga cannot be successfully practiced without being initiated by a Kriya Master or one of their authorised teachers. KYS also provides Naadi Yoga for treatment of various ailments in the body.

KYS humbly invites everyone to explore the full benefits of our yoga courses. KYS is dedicated to serve the community in Australia as well as globally. We have a committed group of teachers who work tirelessly to serve the community.

Hari Om Tat Sat. Om Namah Shivay.